Фотография квеста «Alpha CentaVR»

Alpha CentaVR

Возрастные ограничения: 12+
Prepare to be surprised! Alpha CentaVR is a virtual reality quest game that will send you on a journey across fantasy worlds and spaces. If you are lucky enough, you will return to your familiar reality.
Interact with the surrounding virtual world, and equip yourself with logic and spatial intelligence. Not only exciting brain teasers, but also incredible effects possible only in virtual reality are waiting for you.

Game details:
  • Full immersion
  • Impressive visual effects
  • Space-scale adventures
  • Seamless transition between game worlds

  • Categories: Fantastic For beginners For teenagers Space

    22 july — 12 august

    22 july
    Расписание загружается
    Расписание загружается